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You didn't even read the front page did you?

You're either someone that just has to know more, or you quickly clicked the 'About' link without even reading the front page of the site. If it's the latter, just promise me you'll go back and read the landing page. It's primo stuff, I promise.

The concept for this site is quite simple really. The idea is to present media focused on our passion for tea and what I would say is a symptom of drinking it, philosophical thought. Here you'll find articles focused on tea drinking, appreciation, tips, reviews, types, regions, makers, and more. You'll also find articles written about frankly almost anything that we happen to find intriguing and want to analyze and investigate further. In one article we may flesh out a single philosophical concept and our views on it, and in another we may rant about the latest pop culture phenomenon.

Not a fan of reading? Well, how did you find yourself in the middle of this explanation then? However you did, you're in luck. We also produce a podcast where we talk, auditorily, with our mouthholes into a microphone so you can listen to our thoughts instead of reading them! You're welcome. If that's not enough for you people, we even hold online discussions in VIRTUAL freakin' REALITY. You can learn more about that on our events page. It's safe to say that if you like tea and/or philosophy, and you like the way we present information, we've made a way for you to consume it. If that's not the case, well then, I guess I'm screaming into the void. With that, I leave you. My cup is empty and I need to go brew some more O-cha!

Our Goals

because we humans just have to give everything a purpose

  1. Help people traverse the deep rabbit hole that is tea, and bring newbies into the foray
  2. Continue to learn about tea, and ways of thinking, so we can grow and pass that onto our readers/listeners
  3. Be entertaining and not take things too seriously, let's say at least 80% of the time
  4. Promote the concept of critical thinking and skepticism

"I think existence is the funniest thing to hit reality since the big bang!"

-Cory Schmidt, Brainsteep.com

Beautiful Pictures and Cool Captions Section

because all media is made by somebody, at least for now...

a dude with some henna on his arm covering half his face and acting all cool

Cory Schmidt

Brainsteep Creator, Brainsteep Host, Tea Drinker, Deep Thinker

The guy that started it all. I mean, not everything, just Brainsteep. Yes, I'm speaking about myself in the third-person, because I, Cory Schmidt, am writing this profile. Send all complaints to thevoid@brainsteep.com

"You bastard! They're intelligent beings. They have squash for brains."

-Mark Stoddard, Whatsapp Chat Message

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